The most important take-away from the One Nation event | Redstate #tcot #teaparty

Redstate’s LaborUnionReport makes a point that bears repeating over and over until everyone gets it: there is no denying that the White House, Democrat Party, Communist Party USA, SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, and NAACP are all on the same Marxist page.

The One Nation event was all of these groups showing unity. They can never again claim they aren’t in it for the same goals.

They want to destroy America and turn it into a Socialist Workers’ Paradise, in which no one ever goes more hungry than everyone else, no one ever gets medical care everone doesn’t need, no one excels, and no one smiles.

There are excerpts below, but read the whole thing at Redstate.

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The OneNation March: November’s Choices Are Clearer Than Ever

From the Left’s point of view, they are now completely, unabashedly out in the open. There’s no more hiding behind bromides and phony feel-good names, the Left has now unmasked itself. Socialists, Communists, labor unions, liberals, progressives and other assorted riff-raff…why, they are all, undisputedly, one big, incestuously happy family now. Congratulations!

And, for them, there is no going back into the closet, no turning back: We’re socialists and we’re proud.

The Marxist Left, the Democratic Party and its union masters are in full panic right now.  They may be scared but, unlike the real America, they are mobilizing and coordinating their Get Out the Vote efforts to try to salvage their dream of a socialist utopia.

As an American, if you do not want their vision of America to supplant what was once the freest nation on earth, then you need to vote. More importantly, you need to work to get others to vote.



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