What the Left Needs to Exist | PJM #tcot #p2

When the statists want to take something from you — whether it’s a tax increase, a mandate on what you can eat, or on what you must buy — they need a bogeyman. That eeevil insurance company about to raise your rates beyond an authorized percentage or the rich person about to … be rich, these are your enemy, the left tell you.

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‘Please’ and ‘Thank You,’ Said the Left’s Bogeyman

Progressives, leftists, liberals, fascists, Islamists, statists, Jersey teachers’ unions — really, anyone who thinks they deserve a bit more of your stuff — use the tactic of winning over adherents by claiming the existence of a Bogeyman.

Indeed, there is no greater impetus behind the long-term survival of these ideologies. I hope not to understate it: you simply cannot support the taking of another’s Natural Rights without convincing yourself — or being convinced at the point of a firearm — that the other does not deserve them, or cannot be trusted with them.

No Bogeyman, no liberalism.

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