Why #ILGov Pat Quinn doesn’t understand the economy. #reFAUXrmer #ILGOP #tcot

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn needs help. Strugging under the weight of an office for which he wasn’t elected and is not well suited, Quinn really needs to be put out of our misery.

For instance, Quinn’s website really, really wants you to think he knows something, anything, about getting the Illinois economy back on its feet after years of Democrats taxing and regulting it to death:

Putting Illinois Back to Work

Governor Quinn is focused on accelerating Illinois’ economic recovery—bringing jobs to Illinois, growing our economy, and putting people back to work.

The Quinn Plan for economic recovery is focused on public and private investment – using state funds strategically to accelerate our economic growth and to keep and grow jobs in Illinois. The plan is focused around the following areas:

  1. Tailored tax credits
  2. Encouraging small businesses
  3. Outreach to the business community, meeting with CEOs

But “tailored tax credits” is nothing more than government fiddling with the economy — picking winners and losers. That’s not how an economy works. The winners and losers ought to be picked by people taking risks and succeeding, or being allowed to fail and try something else.

And tax credits are not tax cuts, which, though targeted, do have some positive effect. Until a few years down the road, that is, when re-faux-rmers like Quinn will refer to them as “loopholes” and announce that they are closing them.

“Encouraging small businesses” sounds nice — he used the words “small business” without “tax increase” in the same line — but what does that mean? Small businesses don’t need a cheerleader. They need government off their backs and out of their cash registers. Illinois government offers neither of these, and under Pat Quinn would hold just the opposite.

And “outreach to the business community, meeting with CEOs”? Give me — us — a break. Building a climate for economic success is more than holding a few meetings. And meeting with CEOs is meaningless, when the likely topic of those CEO meetings is how the Illinois government can use targeted tax credits to encourage small businesses to stay small.

Read the rest of Quinn’s stupidity on his web site, if you have the stomach. You’ll see, as I did, the Quinn doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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