The Republic is Striking Back (or Movie Anology #Fail) #tcot #teaparty #p2 @Redstate

I think Obama’s probably the only American in his generation never to have seen Star Wars.

He is the former Senator who tricked his way into being in charge. Palpatine, ever the devious one, now says the “empire is striking back”.

The Rebels (that would be us) wanted to restore the Republic. The Emperor (that would be him) wanted to keep his hold on power.

Either he’s never seen the movie, he’s not very bright, or he’s just a desperate liar. And I won’t rule out “all of the above”.

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Yes, Mr. Obama: “The Empire IS Striking Back”… So glad you’ve finally noticed.

First – His apology for being horse… He’s been talking a lot lately, ya know… bein’ back on that ole’ campaign trail again and all… and just because he looks exhausted and can’t talk very well, he’s “still fired up”… God bless him…. Still… it would have been kinda nice if he had apologized to the rest of us for having to listen to his drivel for the past 2… hell, (with 2 having been while he was ignoring his job as a senator to run for president) FOUR years.

Now… Let’s break down the best parts of that.



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