O’Donnell within striking distance in Delaware — but where is Chris Coons? #DESen #Teaparty

The biased moderators, hostile audience, and media spin couldn’t help an arrogant and buffoonish socialist Democrat Chris Coons in the debates with conservative Republican Christine O’Donnell.

O’Donnell has cut a 20 point lead down to just 7 points, and appears to have momentum going into the final two weekends of the campaign.

Combined with what is expected to be massive conservative and Republican turnout on November 2, the race may be O’Donnell’s at this point. Democrats must be left wondering what they can possibly do to protect Coons.

After O’Donnell shellacked him in debates held the far, Coons backed out of a debate at the University of Delaware. He apparently fears showing voters his poor grasp of the issues, inability to cope with details, and churlish personal manner.

The Delaware Senate special election is considered vital for both sides. Democrats need to keep the seat, which was held by Joe Biden before he was forced to resign in 2008. Republicans would like to use the seat to stop the Obama agenda during the lame duck session.

TCJ Research 10/19-10/20 Poll: Christine O’Donnell Inches Closer to Chris Coons in Delaware Senate Race

Each poll uses a random sampling of 1000 Likely Voters (unless otherwise stated) and has a +/- 4% margin of error (M.o.E).  Poll that don’t add up to 100 are due to rounding.  Commentary on the following results will be posted in a follow-up post.

Delaware Senate: 51%- (D)Chris Coons, 44%- (R)Christine O’Donnell, 4%- Undecided, 1%- Other

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