#Teaparty in Michigan’s UP: Vote Benishek, not the misguided child Wilson #MI01 #tcot #tlot

Misguided and disgruntled “independent” Glenn Wilson is a self-serving punk who was rejected by the main body of UP Tea Party activists for his eccentric and nonsensical views. They also didn’t like his inability to complete sentences.

One of Wilson’s odd views is the belief in that a third party is needed. The rest of us get it: take back the Republican Party. Get rid of the power-hungry career politicians who are just in it for themselves. Get rid of people like … Glenn Wilson.

Wilson decided to sabotage the Benishek campaign out of spite. That is why he lost his campaign manager, who resigned Oct 13 when Wilson refused to abandon his lost cause campaign.

The Democrats have figured out that they can use Wilson to beat Benishek. Which is all just fine with Wilson. As long as Benishek loses, he doesn’t care if he wins.

Don’t be fooled. See more at Redstate.

Amplify’d from www.redstate.com

CD1 – Don’t Be Fooled

To my Tea Partying friends. If ever there was a time to break out the thinking cap, it is now.

Obviously we want limited government, we want the restoration of power to the people and not politicians. We are concerned that Washington is not listening to us, and that government has grown too large and cumbersome. There is no doubt where most of us stand… and why.

And part of her electoral entourage comprised of mostly Libertarians who have an unreasonable distrust in the ability of the Republican party to re-brand itself, EVEN WITH the tea party efforts have given Wilson that 7 percent base on which the independent candidate feels is an appropriate launch point for a campaign to nowhere. Those newly energized ‘conservative’ independents that just don’t like the two party system will do what they can to make it SEEM like this is the year for their big break. With a myopic idealism that forgets that 30% that will NEVER vote outside the Republican or Democrat party from either side. (yes.. 60% total)

And The Democrats have just figured out what to do about it. They have found the best thing for those supporting Gary McDowell’s campaign to do, is keep Team Wilson’s dream alive!

Read more at www.redstate.com


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