And @Lady_Penquin hits it out of the park. This is your read for today. #tcot #teaparty

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On The Eve of This Election

Over the past month, I’ve been thinking about November 2nd. Quite a bit in fact. Every day, posts about various candidates are posted and almost all of us here at RedState read them eagerly, gleaning what we can to keep us optimistic. Before I can talk about the present, though, I need to go back to two years ago. Two long years ago (and it does seem like an eternity). I had gone to the polls with a heavy heart, knowing that our side had only the slimmest of chances to pull it out. November 2008, a month and year that brought despair and depression to many. Truthfully, I don’t think we knew how bad it would be, but instinctively we knew that something “wicked this way comes.” A dark cloud settled on the nation.



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