Spread the word – Reid Kills Jobs. And #p2, that is why #teaparty and #tcot want @SharronAngle as #NVSen

This is Searchlight, NV, Harry Reid’s home away from his true home at the Washington, DC Ritz-Carlton.

Even in Searchlight they know the truth, that Harry Reid has used his position in the Senate to enrich himself and his cronies while devastating the American economy. One of the hardest hit places is Nevada.

The economy in Nevada, especially Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe, depends on tourism. Specifically, it depends on conventions coming to Las Vegas and on tourists coming to Nevada for its world-class hospitality industry.

But that’s all dried up. Harry’s best buddy and political patron Barack Obama has it in for Las Vegas and its opulence, while he himself rents out the entire Taj Majal Hotel, all 570 rooms, for a family vacation.

Obama doesn’t like business. He doesn’t like it because rather than understanding that when an employer hires someone, both win, he thinks when an employer wins it means the employee loses.

And Harry Reid falls right in line when Obama wants to make his lack of economic understanding official government policy. Whether it’s telling companies not to use the world-class Las Vegas facilities for their important business meetings or pushing for socialized medicine, which Harry Reid slouched and bribed through the Senate, Reid falls right in line with Obama’s wishes.

Both of these developments have been deadly for employment in Nevada.

I don’t kinow if Harry Reid is a diehard socialist, as Obama is. But it doesn’t matter. Because Harry Reid is in some ways worse: he’s in politics to accumulate and wield personal power, not to advance an ideology, but for the sake of power itself.

I pray that Nevada votes him out of office.

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Searchlight, Nevada. 3:15am local time. Win.

Searchlight, Nevada. 3:15am local time. Win.

Searchlight, Nevada. 3:15am local time. Win. on Twitpic

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