Cedra Crenshaw – taking on the machine, and winning #ILPolitics #ILS43 #tcot #teaparty @aacons

If you want a conservative Tea Party activist who understands that to fix the Republican Party we need solid Precinct Committeemen, then you will understand why Cedra Crenshaw is a rising star.

Click through to Redstate to see and hear her speak.

Look for her to make a difference in Illinois — and beyond.

Amplify’d from www.redstate.com

Cedra Crenshaw, Illinois State Senator

Cedra is simply one mom who has had enough of the waste, corruption and mismanagement in Springfield. She is one mom versus the machine, a machine that has decimated Illinois with deficit spending, job killing taxes and fees, onerous regulations, and a culture of corruption that has made Illinois a national disgrace.

She’s Tea Party activist and conservative Precinct Committeeman running to defeat big-taxer machine politician Al Wilhelmi in the Illinois 43rd Senate District. That machine tried to use a … creative interpretation of Illinois election law to get her name removed from the ballot after she’d won the primary.

Read more at www.redstate.com


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