From @YidWithLid: the Quantitative Easing Scam. #bailout #tcot #teaparty

When the government wants to spend money to buy votes, it has to either print the money, borrow it, or tax the people. The people are in no mood to be taxed, and no one wants to loan us the money.

So what is a statist to do?

Pretend it into existence! Just type in the amount you need into your Magic Sliding Decimal Federal Reserve Account, and presto. $600 Billion.

Our government is still out of control, historic election or not.

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The Fed’s $600 Billion Dollar Plan For Economic Suicide

Its called quantitative easing, which is just banker talk for devaluing the a currency. Today the Fed is about to work some “black magic.” They are going to create $600 billion dollars out of nothing. It absolutely no different than a corporation vowing to improve its fiscal performance simply by printing a lot of new shares.Read more at

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