Reid Kills Jobs #tcot #teaparty

Thanks, Nevada.

In the lame duck session, fat cat Harry Reid (D-RitzCarlton) is going to do his best to kill every small business job he can, in an effort to show he’s not part of the Patriarchy.

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The 77% of Income Fallacy

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth

WASHINGTON-When Congress returns next week for a “lame-duck,” post-election session, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nev) will try to muster the 60 votes he needs to block a filibuster of a vote on the misnamed Paycheck Fairness Act. It would be better titled the Paycheck Rareness Act, because it would make paychecks rare by driving small firms out of business and sending larger corporations overseas.

This bill would thrust the government deep into compensation decisions of employers. Its declared purpose is to close the alleged “pay gap” between men and women. That gap is mostly a statistical artifact, a false conclusion-and a rallying cry for feminist lobbyists who are well paid to advocate bills like this one.

The bill would require all employers with more than two employees and $500,000 of gross revenues-no small business exception here-to submit data on sex, race, national origin, and earnings of employees to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, even if no complaint has been filed. The threat of litigation about pay differences between men and women would raise the potential cost of employment, discouraging hiring.



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