Eliminate Public Sector Unions. Oh, like your conditions are hard, whiners? #tcot #teaparty #p2

I’m not sure it’s the first thing to do, but it’s on the short list.

Government employees do not need unions. They should be banned.

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Eliminate Public Sector Unions!

Back in 1869, the Knights of Labor was founded as America’s first organized labor union. During this time, workers were experiencing a decrease in pay along with a decrease in quality of working conditions. Meanwhile, the industrial revolution was booming making captains of industry, like John D. Rockefeller, very wealthy men. The founding of labor unions was certainly justifiable, and the right thing to do. At the beginning the union members requested reasonable things such as child labor laws, the standard 40 hour work week, and a safe working environment. Upon President John F. Kennedy’s “Executive Order 10988” in 1962, federal workers became eligible to form unions, marking the beginning of a whole new identity of unions.

Compare those modest beginnings with the typical labor unions of today: Public sector unions have been fiercely criticized over the past year. In a study by the Kellogg School of Management, public pensions have an estimated $3 trillion in unfunded liabilities. To make matters worse, in an updated study just released in October of this year, Kellogg found that cities and counties across the nation plop an additional $574 billion onto that already massive debt. How could this have happened? Studies over the past decade (like the recent one in USA Today) have consistently shown that federal public employees, when you include benefits, make more than twice the amount of private sector workers.

Read more at www.redstate.com


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