Airline Expert: Body scanners ineffective waste of money | The Minority Report #tmr #tsa

I agree with Robert Crandall, former CEO of American Airlines and industry expert, that the scanner machines are a waste of money at any price, especially the bundle they cost.

But I disagree on the threat of a bomber attacking lines at the airport. If I thought a bomber were a threat, I’d think the scanners and pat-downs were worth it. But I dont believe that.

And the terrorists ought to be able to figure out by now where we keep our crowds. They’re at sporting events and rallies protesting the Obama administration’s antiterrorism procedures.

The TSA Imbroglio- Timely Advice From An Airline Legend

Robert Crandall, the former CEO of American Airlines, is an aviation legend. He piloted American through the turbulent days of deregulation. His emphasis on cutting costs, expanding capacity to lower average costs, and establishing the hub-and-spoke system made American prosper in an environment that put other equally established airlines into bankruptcy court.

Q. What do you think of the new full-body, advanced imaging technology scanners and/or more thorough body pat-downs of air travelers who opt out of the scans?

A. I think they are economically foolish. Full body scan machines are very expensive. And the fact of the matter is that they are not very useful from the security point of view, either. We are devoting very large resources of money and people to passengers who obviously represent no threat — children, grandmothers, long-established travelers…
We need to spend a lot more time trying to identify those who have some relatively high probability of being a threat and use our secondary resources — our full-body scanners and/or pat-downs — on those who might represent a threat



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