Gettysburg bureaucrats get their wish: Civil War Chapel Burns – news rag ecstatic #tcot

Gettysburg, PA bureaucrats recently notified the United States Christian Commission, which built a replica of a Civil War chapel on a vacant lot in 2006, that the chapel would have to be torn down.

The letter itself gave no reason for the demand, but reports indicate that the structure, used as a working chapel in good weather, lacked proper restroom facilities.

It was insane. The bureaucrats did not understand, or did not care, that the function of the chapel as an historically accurate depiction of the kind of chapel used at the Battle of Gettysburg depended on, among other things, not having modern plumbing, wiring, or specific accessibility features. That’s the way things were in the 1860s.

But the spin from the Gettysburg Times would have the reader believe that the code violations led to the fire.

The chapel has “drawn a lot of ire”, Gettysburg Times?

Evil leftist rag.

Amplify’d from

FIRE: Controversial chapel destroyed; 3 other downtown buildings burn

Fire broke out in the 100 block of Chambersburg Street in
Gettysburg at 3:38 Friday morning, destroying a Civil War chapel
that has drawn a lot of ire. Three other nearby buildings sustained
significant damage.

The U.S. Christian Commission operated the chapel in the second
block of Chambersburg Street. The wooden structure was built
without proper permits, according to officials, and the borough
recently issued an order to vacate.



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