Thou Shalt Not Covet #teaparty #tcot #p2

Nestled smack between the evil twins of Greed and Envy there is a sniveling, perpetually tortured coward named Covetousness.

Those who covet what belongs to others will never be happy, boiled as they are in the bubbling couldron of comparison.

Leftists love to label conservatives greedy, but the conservatives I know are simply motivated to do well in whatever they do. They toil not for the spoils of wealth but for the satisfying thrill of accomplishment.

Jennifer Booth of Modern Conservative delves into this topic.

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Jennifer Booth
December 13, 2010

My name is Jennifer, and I am not a Covetist. I do not constantly harp over what my neighbor has. I do not care about his car, I do not want a plastic surgery enhanced spouse. I do not envy his situation, I do not hate him for his job. I do not want his income. I am not a Covetist, because I want my own things which I earn in my own life. It is the job of the liberal progressive to train me into thinking that I should want what my neighbor has, particularly if he is better off financially. Covetism surrounds the belief that my evil rich neighbor isn’t entitled to what he has in his bank account because he could only have done that off my back, i.e. the little guy (gal). Anyone who wants to vilify the rich because they are rich are Covetists, a name to describe the hateful discrimination that surrounds the state of class warfare in our country, by means of nothing but jealousy, insecurity, and sheer laziness.



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