The Great American Drive In is January 5. Will you be there? #teaparty #tcot

The 112th Congress needs to know that we have our eyes on them. They won’t be allowed to slide into bad habits, at least not without some publicity.

So some folks are planning to show up to let them know just that.

There are even guidelines for good behavior posted at the site set up for the event (see below).

I have another suggestion to keep traffic moving at the optimal speed. If a car should happen to break down or run out of fuel, make sure to merge one car at a time. There is to be none of this stopping to let the entire lane go at once.

Oh, and make sure to advance just as far as you can before merging. Someone will be nice and let you in.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be sure to have an eventful stay in the District.

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  1. Remember we are not here to break traffic laws by deliberately blocking intersections or roads.
    If you do, you WILL become a revenue source.
  2. Remember DC is crawling with red light cameras.
    We suggest stopping as soon as the light turns yellow to avoid traffic fines.  Don’t become a revenue source.
  3. After the light turns green it is important to wait a second or two to allow any drunken congressmen time to run the light as they race to be sworn in. Remember Safety First!!!
  4. Right on Red may be legal but it is not required.



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