Dear #union members: you must decide if you are Americans or communists #tcot

It is now clear that the communist agenda of Stern, Trumka, and Obama is not compatible with American values.

They want wealth to be redistributed, to be taken from those who earn it and given to those who do not, in the name of “social justice”, their twisted idea of fairness.

But Americans believe that fairness is when the rules apply equally to all, not when the power of government is used to help or hurt one person more than another.

And the communists believe that we are part of a group, not individuals with our own thoughts, our own beliefs, our own dreams. Americans believe that an individual should stand on his own, holding his hand out in friendship to others, but not holding it out to beg from them.

And now Stern, Trumka, and Obama want to push this social justice by taking down America. They want to send our jobs overseas, and are working hard, with their taxes and regulations, to make sure companies and their factories can’t locate in America, but cheap foreign labor can.

They follow the model of Marx, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao: speak glowingly of fairness and the wonders that will happen if they can only rob those who have to give to those who do not. And if you speak out against them, if you dare open your mouth in opposition, you know what will become of you, your family, and your friends. You know what they will do to you.

They reward laziness and sloth, in order to gain dependents. They want power for themselves. They live for it.

So decide. Are you a follower of thugs or of freedom?

Read more at Redstate.

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You’ve known for a while now that today’s union bosses are no longer about just “helping the workers.” They are, as we’ve shown you in the past, about transforming America into a semi-socialist state, that includes the taking over of public businesses.

Note to union members: After you view this video, if you cannot yet figure out that the union you are paying dues to is only using you to Europeanize America, there is no hope for you.



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