Dear @ReincePriebus — Deliver Unity. Reach out to the #teaparty grass roots to save the GOP

Can Reince Priebus, newly minted Republican National Committee chair, save the party?

“Save it from what”, you ask? There are several giant threats to the GOP, but none greater than the perception of a rift between the grassroots and the donor class.

I say “perception of a rift” because there not only is not a real rift, there are not even two distinct groups. While it is true that the size of the donation people are willing to give varies indirectly with the number willing to give at that level, and I don’t have access to the RNC donor list, it’s my experience that ideology and political philosophy among Republicans are not closely tied to personal wealth.

People from all walks of life share the Republican vision of a virtuous people operating in liberty to produce peace, security and prosperity. They do not identify themselves as rich or poor, white or black or latino, though we are all certainly aware of the categories into which we vall.

So while wealthy Republicans may wonder what drives the tea party movement, there are also many poor or middle class conservatives wondering the same thing. Inertia and the interests of daily lives keep people from finding out about the movement.

Conversely, there are in the tea party movement people struggling to pay their monthly bills and people who have no such struggles.

What drives the tea party movement is the understanding that the America in which we grew up may not exist for our children. The things in which we believe — virtue, equality before the law, liberty, hard work, limited government, and the very concept of nationhood — these things are under attack.

For what can be done to bring the fervor of the tea partiers into the Republican Party, read on at the Redstate link.

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