Tinkering to fix a bad design: the stupidity of nibbling around the edges of Obamacare. #hcr #teaparty #tcot

Nibbling around the edges is the surest way for Obamacare to become ingrained in the federal administrative machine. Once the hordes of medical clerks in insurance companies and hospitals become versed in the unconstitutional law’s provisions,

And if you take away the 1099 requirement, soften the mandates, and provide waivers and workarounds, it becomes a pill people can swallow.

Tinkering only adds to uncertainty. If one onerous provision is axed, will the others be? The quest will then be to lobby the government for the best position.

If the government were to control every aspect of the medical insurance industry, and mandate that everyone have medical insurance, then the government would control, on a basic level, everyone in the country. Not only is the very thought of that repulsive, but the danger of abuse, by local functionaries and federal power brokers, is real.

Apart from personal indignities and the threat of corrupt leverage of medical information and access to health care by those government, the effect on business is at least as bad. Rather than businesses making decisions based on their attempts to please their customers, all business interests would be subordinated to the attempt to ameliorate the effects of a bad health insurance situation. In the alternative, Obamacare amounts to an ever-increasing fee put upon American businesses who elect not to pay their employees via a health insurance plan.

And the tinkering we’re seeing the Republicans take part in now is just the start.

Amplify’d from www.redstate.com

Senator Dick Durbin hinted two days ago that the Senate Democrats would be unified in their opposition to repeal Obamacare except for one or two. In other words, the GOP had the opportunity to get Democrats to jump ship.

But Democrats have signaled that they want to “fix” Obamacare, not repeal it. So the GOP gladly obliged. Without any obstruction, the GOP went along with the Democrats’ changes to the onerous 1099 provision.

No Democrat had to vote for repeal because they knew they’d get a chance to say they were “fixing” Obamacare. And the headline will now be that the GOP and Democrats in the Senate are cooperating on a “fix” instead of repeal.

On top of that, however, is the stupidity — sheer stupidity — of certain Republicans now trying to undermine the litigation against Obamacare. I’m looking at you Senators Lindsey Graham and John Barasso.

Tinkering with Obamacare undermines both the lawsuit against Obamacare and the effort for full repeal. It doesn’t take a genius to know that, but it does take the stupid party to ignore it.

Read more at www.redstate.com


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