#TX Joe Strauss FTW: Replaces Dem with #teaparty rep as Speaker Pro Tem #tcot @ewerickson @melissatweets

Well, what do you know. So, is Joe Strauss

  1. Covering his right flank to keep from being Mubarak’ed?
  2. Keeping his friends close and his enemies closer?
  3. Actually sharing power because that’s who he is?
  4. Moving to the right himself?

OK, so that last one was kind of stupid.

Amplify’d from www.fontcraft.com

TEXAS: Speaker Straus replaces moderate Dem with hardline Tea Partyer as Speaker Pro-Tem

From Eric Dondero:

With less of a majority in the last legislative session, House Speaker Joe Straus sought consensus and a good working relationship with moderate Democrats. Now, with a supermajority, the Speaker has made a move to the hard-right.

State Rep. Craig Eiland, D-Galveston, two years ago was picked by new Speaker of the House Joe Straus to be speaker pro tempore of the Texas House of Representatives because — in part — of his ability to work across party lines on crucial issues.

With a shift in the political climate and an even stronger Republican majority at the state capital, Eiland was replaced by a Harris County Republican.

Straus, in his second term as speaker, picked Rep. Beverly Woolley, R-Harris County, as speaker pro tem. Woolley, a tea party favorite and co-chair of the Tea Party Caucus in the state house, won major points with Straus last year when she announced she backed him in his bid to be re-elected speaker.

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