Why teach lessons when you can teach corruption? #WIunion #tcot

So it seems the public school teachers in an around Madison, Wisconsin are calling in sick in order to attend protests at the state capital.

Redstate.com’s noted RepairManJack lays out some of the problems with this dereliction of duty.

Amplify’d from www.redstate.com

Madison School Board policy states “teachers shall refrain from exploiting the institutional privileges of their professional positions to promote candidates or parties and activities,” which includes protests.

I’ve scanned the Internet manfully for any reports of the resurgent Black Death striking anywhere in the vicinity. None have been filed as of 9:42 CST. I think it’s a case of Swine Flu. The fakers calling in sick to protest the benefits cuts are a bunch of swine.

And just think what it teaches the children. The work agreements of most school districts require the provision of advanced notice before a teacher takes personal leave. They are generally required to produce a sick note or Doctor’s notice if they go on medical leave. Children at schools frequently sign these quaint, old-fashioned things called honor codes. “I will not lie, cheat, or steal; nor will I tolerate those around me who do these things.”

Read more at www.redstate.com


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