This, from @AoSHQ: Want to know where Obama was born? Ask the one guy we know was there. #tcot #teaparty

I am 100% in accord with the linked story.

Either President Obama has documentation to show where he was born, or he doesn’t. It’s appropriate to show it if it exists or to say that it doesn’t exist.

And I can accept that it doesn’t exist. Did Washington, Jefferson, or Lincoln have birth certificates? Kinda doubt it. Jimmy Carter, after all, was the first president to be born in a hospital.

I’ve always said I don’t care where he was born. His mom was from Kansas, and that satisfies the natural-born requirement well enough for me. The rest is a technicality, and I don’t want to see him removed from office for that.

OK, so maybe that’s not quite accurate. I’d rather see him removed from office for being an incompetent Marxist.

So I’m more concerned with the 52% of voters who bought his socialist snake oil, and the educational system that produced them.

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Mike Huckabee Alludes To Obama Growing Up In Kenya; Media Pounces; I Hereby Declare This Is Obama’s Problem, Not Huckabee’s

Allah’s been following this for the last couple of days. In an interview, Huckabee alluded to Obama growing up in Kenya; he apparently mixed up Obama’s complicated richly textured tapestry of nuanced diversity lineage and background, and misspoke.

He immediately clarified that he had misspoke.

I have a weird take on the Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory. Few share it. On one hand, I do not believe in it, at all. I disbelieve it for cosmological reasons, for one thing — that Obama could be evicted from office due to this strikes me as such a Magic Button Happy Ending that I would almost be forced to confess the active hand of an Intelligent Designer in our political disputes, which I strongly doubt — and for more specific reasons, there is evidence of his Hawaiian birth (notices in newspapers) that seems so fortuitous to seem just too unlikely to be credited.

This is Obama’s choice and Obama’s problem. Some have speculated that he keeps it secret precisely in order to make the opposition start inventing explanations about the secret. Well, fine then — but you can hardly blame people then for doing what Obama intended they would do.

I, personally, am sick to death of hearing media sycophants demand that John Boehner affirm that Obama was born in Hawaii while not asking that Obama do the same.

Boehner doesn’t know. Wasn’t there. Doesn’t have the bleeding records. Obama does, and yet the media refuses to ask the one guy in a position to settle this a damn thing.

We’re all just supposed to vouch for facts not within our competency in order to spare President Douchetool the duty to answer questions himself.



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