Tying Shoes Won’t Fix the Car

But to get to the service station, you have to wear shoes. It won’t help the car one bit, until you complete a long series of complicated and difficult tasks, most of which depend upon having tied shoes.

Similarly, in order to reign in soaring costs for state employee medical and pension plans, states must first get away from collective bargaining on those issues. It is simply not possible to persuade union leadership to agree to sane benefit packages.

Perhaps I’ll give this article full treatment at some other time. It’s so full of fallacious argument that it will be a difficult slog, but maybe someone will be enlightened by it.

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Busting Unions Won’t Fix Schools or the Economy

The current attack on public workers in Wisconsin is not happening in isolation. In a press statement, President Lewis explains, “Yesterday Republican Wisconsin Senators voted for their cronies — banks and the billionaires — and against the middle class.” Unions gave us the 8 hour workday, employer-based healthcare, and an end to child labor. Without unions leading the charge for better working conditions, employers hold all of the cards and will cut costs with more work for less pay.

Not only do unions fight to work for better working conditions, unions give workers voice to advocate for the people they serve. In a Tribune letter-to-the-editor, former teacher Jessica Havens writes, “… the purpose of having a teachers union is to protect the rights of children and adults in that system who do not have administrative power.” However, pundits and politicians are forcing stand-offs between labor and management. Maybe it’s because cooperation may be a step in the right direction in narrowing the income gap between the richest and the poorest Americans. Currently, the richest 10% controls 2/3 of American’s net worth.

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