The World’s Stupidest Post #birthers

So someone at Canada Free Press posted about Trump being so great and the One True Conservative because he’s going after Obama on the birth certificate. Never mind that the birth certificate issue was first brought up by Hillary supporters.

In a comment to the linked post, I wrote the following:

Obama’s eligibility is not the most important issue.

Yes, the Constitution is at the center of our country’s government, and adherence to it is important and fundamental. I swore an oath to defend it “from all enemies, foreign and domestic”, and have never considered myself released from that oath. I believe it should be interpreted by the meaning of the words as the founders meant them when they wrote them.

I am as conservative as anyone, perhaps more than anyone.

Further, I am curious about Obama’s history, his ties to communists, and where he picked up these unAmerican ideas of his.

But if the President is found ineligible, it does not immediately mean that anything he did in office is illegal. That you would suggest otherwise makes you sound like a crackpot.

Obama’s mother was an American. A stinking commie, but an American. Passing though the birth canal of an American woman is not good enough, but a piece of paper is? I would not have the President declared ineligible merely because of a paperwork issue.

There are other Constitutional issues on which to attack Obama, so your contention that this is the most important one is a matter of interpretation.

Finally, Donald Trump has a record of saying whatever he thinks is popular at the time. He called for universal health care in his book in 2000. He called George Bush the worst president in history, and wondered why Nancy Pelosi hadn’t done more to impeach him for “lying us into Iraq”.

Trump is an idiot, and anyone who buys his crap is a worse idiot.

And by “idiot”, I mean not a conservative.

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Flushing Out RINOs, Neo-cons, Faux Conservatives, Controlled Opposition, and the Clueless

Make no mistake, the question of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS is of vital importance, and seeing as Donald Trump is the ONLY figure of national stature to address the issue, it is incumbent on every constitutional conservative (read that as “patriotic American”) to support Trump, until something better comes down the pike—and I don’t see anyone else coming down the road at the moment.



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