Two Gaffs for Huntsman — and did he plagiarize Sununu?

Trailing presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is now famous for saying that “They pick corn in Iowa. They actually pick presidents in New Hampshire.” But it’s not an original line.

Beth Hall of the New Hampshire Union-Leader quotes former Senator John Sununu with the line two weeks earlier. But it’s a saying in New Hampshire. Huntman’s use of it demonstrates the extent to which he has gone local there, that he would dismiss Iowa voters altogether in order to justify his campaign strategy.

The smooth-talking Huntsman made another gaff in the same CBS interview (story here).

From the Flint Journal, Democrat Stevenson in 1952

“We’re putting out the old Adlai Stevenson shoe leather”. Stevenson was a Democrat, so it’s possible Huntsman knows something actual Republicans need to learn.

It’s not the first time Huntsman has used the shoe leather line, giving it as part of the justification for moving his campaign headquarters to New Hampshire.

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