Brad Halbrook Fails to Return Roger Eddy Phone Call

State Representative Roger Eddy telephoned his primary opponent, Shelby County Republican Chairman Brad Halbrook, and failed to get him.

Eddy revealed Tuesday night to the Cumberland County Republican Executive Committee that he was forced into the humiliation of leaving a voice mail for Halbrook. Eddy appeared emotional and distraught that Halbrook did not return his call.

This kind of vicious tactic by Halbrook appears to be standard practice in the race for the 110th Illinois House seat. Like a sixth-grade girl who doesn’t get a Valentine’s Day card from that special someone, Eddy was obviously still crushed and dispirited that Halbrook was paying more attention to voters than to him.

“I can understand if you’re busy, not getting back in touch, but it’s been several days now,” Eddie told the crowd of about 25 Republicans insiders. Though hardened by the cutthroat nature of local politics, few would even look at Halbrook knowing that he was responsible for this unprecedented insult.

“I was going to be helping Republicans win over there,” Eddy said, pointing toward St. Louis. “Now I have to do this, instead.”

Leaving the voicemail may even have used up extra minutes on Eddy’s cell phone. Eddy did not reveal whether he plans legal action in the matter, though the financial hardship cannot be easy to bear, even with his combined income of over $250,000.

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2 Responses to Brad Halbrook Fails to Return Roger Eddy Phone Call

  1. Call Brad Halbrook and tell him he should be sure to return Eddy’s concession call on March 20th.

  2. Last election I worked for Dwight Kay in the St Louis area. Roger Eddy promised to get volunteers and come down and walk doors for us some Saturday. He never showed up to help. Eddy kept promising to help but never did. So when he says he would be helping people in St Louis its BS. Plus its primary time, who would he be helping and against who?

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