Obama Campaign Rebrands Failed AttackWatch Effort

  1. In a feeble attempt to influence social media, the Obama campaign on Wednesday renamed its laughable AttackWatch effort as “TruthTeam2012”.

    The “Truth Team” will now be charged with the Herculean task of making Barack Obama appear to be honest.

    The Attack Watch marketing campaign was justly ridiculed by everyone outside the Obama permanent campaign inner circle. Obama, who has been insulated from even the slightest blowback by the preponderance of media coverage, is nonetheless deathly afraid of receiving criticism.

    So last Summer the geniuses of Team Obama hatched the desperate plot to salve the ego of the Boy President. Attack Watch was born:

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    We’re responding to these attacks with the truth—and we need your help to spread it. OFA.BO/AttackWatch
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    Introducing Attack Watch: your source for the latest information about attacks and the truth behind them. OFA.BO/AttackWatch
  4. But after muddling along for month after irrelevant month, the Obama campaign decided a rebranding was in order. Rather than staying with the obviously hypersensitive name “Attack Watch”, the boys from Chicago decided that the Orwellian name “Truth Team” better fit the needs of their moribund campaign:
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    Things have changed a bit around here. AttackWatch is now part of the Truth Team, a grassroots team defending the President against attacks.
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    It’s all part of an expanded effort to get the President’s back and spread the word about his record. Join up today: OFA.BO/GYSbu9
  7. This bit about spreading the word about the President’s record is exactly what Republicans want to do.
  8. Truth Team’s first effort, however, is actually not to talk about the President’s record, but to imply falsely that Republicans want to keep women from getting birth control. So it will be more of the same distortions and lies that made AttackWatch so much fun to pick apart.
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    .@marcorubio OFA TruthTeam is telling the truth. Dangerous & wrong to subj decisions on female employee’s healthcare to whim of her bosses
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