Roger Eddy to Drop Out, Join IASB

Rumor has it that Rep Roger Eddy, (R-IL109) will drop out of the Illinois 110th House race to take a job in union management.

If so, it would fit with Eddy’s opposition to school choice, help for local and school property tax increases  as well as Roger Eddy’s lies about his conservative opponent Brad Halbrook. Eddy’s scorched earth campaign has drawn criticism in the state, causing some to wonder if he would be able to unify his party even if he did receive the nomination.


With a hat tip to Edgar County Watchdog, we see that Roger Eddy has failed to disclose his school superintendent income.

Roger Eddy has failed to declare his school superintendent job on his official “Statement of Economic Interest” in the six years 2006-2011. This is fascinating, since he did disclose his public employment in 2004-2005.

Second Update, 2/26/2o12 8:36pm

According to Edgar County Watchdogs, Eddy is indeed dropping out of the race to become head of the Illinois Association of School Boards. That’s a lobbying job, in which Eddy will cash in on his connections in state government.

I have devoted my entire professional life to working to improve the education of our children. From serving as a teacher, my work as a superintendent and now as a State Representative, I’ve committed myself to working to improve Illinois’ educational system.  Now, a unique opportunity has been presented to me that would further my reach to improve our state’s educational system while representing one of the state’s most influential and respected education associations, the Illinois Association of School Boards.

The IASB has asked me to serve as their new Executive Director beginning on July 1st. While final details regarding the position have not been resolved, I do expect them to finalize soon and as a result I am suspending my campaign for State Representative effective immediately.

While I regret the timing of this announcement and I know many who have worked so hard for my re-election will be disappointed, the decision to move forward with this opportunity is the right one and I am excited about the challenges that lie ahead.


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