Manzullo vs Kinzinger — Manzullo

Published on: Mar 9, 2012 10:01
Update: typo fixes and bumped

Having looked at the relative records of the two Republican candidates in IL-16,  I endorse Don Manzullo.

Adam Kinzinger got elected as a Tea Party candidate in 2010, then immediately became a toady for Speaker Boehner. He is supported by Campaign for Primary Accountability PAC, a group that ostensibly seeks to implement the goals of term limits by mounting successful primary challenges against vulnerable incumbents. I do not know why they are involved in this race, which features two redistricted incumbents.

As Erick Erickson says at Redstate,

Adam Kinzinger had not become a tea party leader, but a leadership flunky. His voting record is a disappointment.

and my reply:

Having seen Kinzinger on the stump in 2010, he was not even that conservative there. He was way better than the Democrat, to be sure, but so is my Scottish Terrier (who would tend merely to silently vote ‘present’).

Now FreedomWorks has endorsed Manzullo, making the bandwagon very easy to hop on.

As a special note to Democrats in the Illinois Legislature, I wish to express my thanks. With your too-clever-by-half redistricting fiasco, you have allowed us to make an easy way to discipline Kinzinger while rewarding Manzullo.

Washington, DC-FreedomWorks PAC announced today their official endorsement of Congressman Don Manzullo for Congress in Illinois’ 16th District. After examining the actions, rather than the words, of the candidates in the race, and taking input from members in the district, FreedomWorks PAC believes Manzullo is the clear choice for limited-government voters looking to preserve economic freedom and rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending.

Redistricting has forced conservative Congressman Manzullo into a primary battle against moderate Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who currently represents the 11th Congressional district. FreedomWorks PAC received feedback from local grassroots organizations and activists who overwhelmingly concluded that Manzullo is the one true conservative in the race. FreedomWorks is pleased to join these local activists and the Illinois Tea Party in endorsing Don Manzullo.

FreedomWorks PAC Executive Director Max Pappas commented, “During their time in Congress together, Manzullo and Kinzinger’s records were clearly different. It’s not difficult to recognize that Manzullo is the fiscal conservative and Kinzinger is the moderate.”

Manzullo is an active member of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the group for conservative members of the House.  Kinzinger dropped out of the RSC to join the timidly moderate Republican Main Street Partnership.  Kinzinger is also part of the big-spending “Tuesday Group”, whose PAC has contributed to his campaign.  Kinzinger’s group is known for opposing “deep cuts to spending” despite the $15 trillion debt. 

“When it came to the big spending votes last year, Don Manzullo said ‘enough is enough.’ Kinzinger too often voted for more of the same,” Pappas continued. “On the conservative budget proposal, which would have balanced the budget in ten years, Manzullo voted yes while Kinzinger voted no.  When conservatives proposed reducing spending to 2006 levels, Manzullo voted yes while Kinzinger voted no.  After conservatives made a modest proposal to cut spending to 2008 levels, Manzullo voted yes while Kinzinger still voted no.”

“The record speaks for itself. Manzullo is a proven conservative who will stand up to both Democrats and Republicans who want to spend too much.”

 FreedomWorks PAC is a grassroots service center to over one million activists nationwide dedicated to fighting for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom in every Congressional district in America.  For more information about the PAC, please visit For more information about the endorsement process, please contact Executive Director Max Pappas at

I endorse Don Manzullo in IL-16, and expect him to continue as a conservative voice — and vote — in Washington.

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