Brad Halbrook vs Kevin Garner, Illinois 110th House: Halbrook

Loren Heal, Precinct Committeeman in Neoga, Cumberland County:

Brad Halbrook is a Tea Partier and also a county Republican chairman in Shelby County. He’s been married to his wife Linda for 30 years and operates a successful farm fencing business. He’s calling for the State of Illinois’ books to be opened and fully audited, and has put his tax return online for all to see.

I endorse Brad Halbrook for State Representative in the 110th District of Illinois.

Halbrook is running against Kevin Garner, a tax assessor in Cumberland County who has not been so forthcoming. I told Garner that after Roger Eddy dropped out, I would not be as tough on the race. But things have changed. Citizen journalists have uncovered serious problems with Garner’s candidacy for this or any other public office, including the one he now holds.

Garner, speaking at the Richland County Lincoln Day Dinner March 17, said “I told them when I was going to be tax assessor that it was just a stepping stone to higher office, that I was going to run for State Rep.”

It takes a certain lack of self-awareness to run for State Representative while going through a divorce. There are deep, personal issues that must be dealt with, and campaigning for a district-wide office is not the time to deal with them.

But Garner’s criminal record shows that he will fit right in with the folks in Springfield. And it seems that the fine folks over at Edgar County Watchdog have some more interesting information. Garner has filed bankruptcy three times since 1992. Three times.:

Here are screen caps of the case summary of each case.  Note that the bankruptcies were undertaken in a variety of marital statuses. That is, the bankruptcy is not the fault of marrying the wrong person or going through a rough patch, but a lifelong pattern of irresponsible behavior.

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