Eddy Resigns from Illinois House

Illinois House member Roger Eddy (R-Hutsonville) has resigned as Representative of the 109th District, effective March 22. Eddy was forced to withdraw from the Republican primary for the new 110th district when his stunning level of corruption became widely known.

Edgar County Watchdogs reports that the frontrunner to replace Eddy is the primary winner in the 110th race, Brad Halbrook. Halbrook is Shelby County GOP Chairman, and as a precinct committeeman and Chairman in the 109th District he will get to vote on Eddy’s replacement.

The winner of the new 109th District Republican primary is David Reis, who already has a House seat and could not finish Eddy’s term.

Eddy resigned ostensibly to accept a position with the Illinois Association of School Boards. The change was prompted, however, by the effective — and continuing — investigation into Eddy’s corrupt handling of education funding, campaign finance, and related matters.

Eddy will be taking over at IASB, which creates policy papers for school boards across Illinois and forms part of the Teachers’ Union lobbying army in Springfield.

As executive director, Eddy will lead a staff of 75 full- and part-time staff members in the Association’s Springfield and Lombard offices. He will be responsible for all Association operations and represent its positions in state and national public school management policy on behalf of 852 member districts and nearly 6,000 elected Illinois school board members.

School boards across Illinois pay membership fees to the IASB, which lobbies on their behalf in Springfield.

Roger Eddy should have no influence in Illinois school policy, and the IASB should terminate their relationship immediately before their reputation is further harmed.

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