McCarter Won’t Seek IL13 Nomination

Cites “Unfinished Business in Illinois Senate”

Whatever happens in the 13th, I just hope someone who has faced Illinois voters gets the nomination.

I am humbled and honored by the outpouring of support from concerned citizens asking me to step up and run for Congress in the 13th District. Just as many asked me to stay in the Illinois Senate to continue the fight because I have been one of the few who have stood up against the status quo in Illinois politics.
My wife Victoria and I have discussed it at length and prayed about it.
Given the critical time we are in Illinois and the announcement of the new Common Sense Caucus to move our state back in the right direction, I will not be seeking the nomination. I want to continue putting my full effort into serving the people of the 51st District for the rest of my term in the Senate and campaigning aggressively to win the newly-drawn 54th District. Also greatly influencing my decision were the employees of my small manufacturing business. Keeping them employed during a tough business climate is a priority.
Time is of the essence. Our families are without jobs, our workers are overtaxed, our businesses are giving up or considering leaving, and if we don’t do something quickly, the burden on those left in the state is going to become unbearable. I am committed to keep fighting for the citizens of Illinois. I believe there is hope for Illinois.
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