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The Right Response to Swatters

There is a new tactic in use by the left called “swatting” that we on the right will find abhorrent. While the activity involves local law enforcement and the politics of personal destruction, we must realize that the effort is coordinated across state … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Gets Smeared: Dewhurst makes stuff up.

The US Senate campaign of Texas Lt Gov David Dewhurst doubled down Saturday on lies about his more conservative Republican opponent Ted Cruz. Dewhurst is running a dishonest smear campaign, exploiting racial division and accusing Ted Cruz of supporting amnesty … Continue reading

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Brett Kimberlin’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

During the two years in which lying conman and convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin has been harassing friends of Andrew Breitbart, it’s surprising that what is about to happen to him hasn’t happened before. Kimberlin is about to discover that … Continue reading

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Illinois Wants Municipalities to Fund Democrat Campaigns

Even as voters in surrounding states such as Wisconsin and Indiana reward politicians for valuing economic progress over union cronyism, Illinois is headed in the opposite direction. Illinois Democrats are once again placing their need for campaign workers ahead of … Continue reading

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Indiana Gets Out the Vote for Richard Mourdock

FreedomWorks sponsored a Rally and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) drive for conservative Republican US Senate candidate Richard Mourdock on Saturday at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Indianapolis. Fox News contributor and well-known blogger Michelle Malkin headlined the event. Due to … Continue reading

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