Cruz Surging in Texas US Senate Race

Conservative Ted Cruz is surging in the polls over establishment Republican David H. Dewhurst in the runoff race for the Texas  nomination for US Senate.

Public Policy Polling has conducted independent polling in the race, finding Cruz well ahead of Dewhurst on July 12.  PPP teased their latest results Sunday night, saying on Twitter:

RT @ppppolls: Ted Cruz continuing to lead on the second day of our Texas poll, estimated release time around 11 PM eastern #TexasSenate

— Cyndy H (@para_Dios) July 29, 2012

The firm released the results as promised:

An internal poll commissioned by the Dewhurst camp could only manage a statistical tie for their candidate among likely voters. Dewhurst has been forced to loan his campaign $24 million as enthusiasm for his campaign has dried up in the light of the scorching Texas sun.

The poll comes amid a growing sense that the momentum is on Cruz’s side in the final days of the race. Dewhurst outpaced Cruz by 11 points in the May primary, but he failed to receive a majority of votes, triggering the runoff.

Cruz has received a big push from FreedomWorks for America, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul, and Glenn Beck.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave one of her finest speeches ever stumping for Cruz on Friday, July 27:

2012 Presidential candidate Senator Rick Santorum shared Cruz voters’ tremendous energy coming into the runoff on Tuesday, dubbed “Cruzday” by Santorum at a rally in Southlake on Saturday.

The Dewhurst campaign has engaged in a scorched Earth strategy, stopping at nothing when attacking Cruz’ character, his patriotism, or that of his legal clients.  Many voters in Texas are angry at Dewhurst over the ads.

 Dewhurst has been forced repeatedly to loan or simply donate money to his own campaign, because he is spending so much and having such a difficult time raising money with voters in Texas.

Dewhurst is burning through cash with a deluge of negative ads that have caused many Texans to become turned off of politics. Though some of the worst of his ads have come from the SuperPAC somehow named “Texas Conservatives Fund”, Dewhurst has not distanced himself from the ads.

The irresponsible use of the false and misleading attacks on Cruz’ patriotism and character do not bode well for Republicans in the fall. Negative ads depress turnout. Unleashing a flood of them eats away at the foundation of our democratic institutions.

But turnout in the runoff has been surprisingly high, about the same as the primary itself. That indicates that the barrage of negative ads have not worked, and conservatives are rallying to Cruz.

Anyone sick of the disgusting way politicians like Dewhurst run their campaigns can send a message to them not to do it that way. If tea party conservatives and libertarians join them in voting for Ted Cruz, it will send sleazy politicians an even stronger message — and send a strong conservative to Washington.

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