Endorsing Sharee Langenstein for Jackson County State’s Attorney

Sharee Langenstein is on the ballot for Jackson County State’s Attorney, having personally taken on the partisan Democrat operatives in Jackson County and its Board of Elections. The Board had tried to keep her off the ballot because her petitions had been paper-clipped instead of stapled together.

The Tea Partisan endorses Langenstein.

Sharee Langenstein
Sharee Langenstein

Langenstein was elected in the March 21 Illinois primary as a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention in IL-12. Prior to the convention she was selected to serve on the RNC Platform Committee. She serves with Eagle Forumas religious freedom national director.Langenstein has come out with several strong policy positions, which should make a positive difference in the Jackson County criminal justice system:

  • Drug Courts.  Sharee will work to implement drug courts in Jackson County.  Intensive probation programs are effective in helping non-violent drug offenders leave their addictions behind, and such programs cost less than sending the offenders to the Jackson County Jail.
  • Youth Programs.  The people of Jackson County already know Sharee as a strong advocate for youth.  She knows the value in fighting for our kids NOW, so they don’t end up in the system down the road.

  • Protecting Small Businesses.  The State’s Attorney is responsible for prosecuting criminals of all kinds.  While vigorously pursuing violent criminals, Sharee will not forget our small businesses, which rely on the State’s Attorney to pursue shoplifters, thieves, and those who write bad checks.

See www.shareelangenstein.com for details.

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