Call to DoJ Arizona Racism Hotline Recorded

Listen in.

H/T @SooperMexican.

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Rick Santorum Endorses Liljenquist for Utah US Senate

Former Presidential candidate and Senator Rick Santorum has endorsed Dan Liljenquist over Orrin Hatch in the US Senate race in Utah. In a letter to supporters of his new organization Patriot Voices, Santorum said he was prompted to make the endorsement after Glenn Beck asked him about the race:

Plain and simple, Dan Liljenquist is the stronger conservative in this race. I’ve known Orrin Hatch for years and believe he is a very good man, but in a deeply conservative state like Utah, we must elect authentic conservatives. I believe Dan Liljenquist is that candidate.

In addition to Liljenquist’s strong conservative credentials, Santorum also said Liljenquist’s record as a reformer makes him the kind of legislative leader needed in Washington now.

The Utah primary is on Tuesday, June 26. It’s likely that the Republican will go on to win the general election.

FreedomWorks for America has also endorsed Liljenquist:

“Dan Liljenquist is an energetic fiscal conservative who will take a leading role in spending cuts and the repeal of ObamaCare from day one,” commented Russ Walker, National Political Director for FreedomWorks for America.

“We have been working with Utah conservatives since last May to elect the strongest and most consistent advocate for conservative economic policy, and Dan has proven himself to be the man for the job. He will be a great addition to support fellow Utah Senator Mike Lee expanding the conservative coalition in the Senate.”

The Tea Partisan is an enthusiastic Liljenquist supporter, and look forward to seeing him in the United States Senate.

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And Another Thing, @TheJuanWilliams

  1. Juan Williams made a few mistakes in his attempt to get the best of Michelle Malkin Wednesday night.
  2. Appearing on The Sean Hennitty Show, Williams showed the kind of offhand, inadvertent arrogance we’ve come to expect from the Entitled Media. You can watch the video over at Twitchy, starting at about the 5:15 mark:
  3. “Listen, I tell you what. I tell you what, Michelle: I’m a real reporter. I’m not a blogger out in the blogosphere somewhere. I’m going to tell you something. The reporters go to officials in this town, in a free society — Oh, now, hang on, please — in a free society, where we have a free press, and reporters go and talk to officials. And that’s not classified. In a free society we want to know what the government’s doing. We want to make decisions.”
  4. Now, I know Juan wasn’t saying that the only thing reporters do is talk to officials. That may be the only thing some reporters do…
  5. … but there are plenty of reporters who do the work like finding and interviewing sources, tracking down original documents, and digging through databases. 

    But Williams did imply that the key distinguishing feature of a real reporter is that — not being a blogger out there in the blogoshere — they go and talk to officials. And in talking to officials, they receive the word on what the government is doing.
    The trouble with that, of course, is that quite often the governmental officials don’t want to say what they’re doing.
  6. SmoosieQ
    Food for thought, Juan Williams: maybe if more “real reporters” were doing their jobs, bloggers wouldn’t have stepped in to fill the breach.
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I have flipped: Illinois Republican Voters Must Elect Their Central Committee

Illinois is in tough shape, even on the brink of bankruptcy. It will continue to be in tough shape as long as it’s run by Democrats, whose chief goal is not the betterment of the state as a whole but the furtherance of their own political power through the phony promises of redistribution of wealth.

Illinois will continue to be run by Democrats as long as the mentality of the Republican State Central Committee remains as it is: cede Chicago, work the phones, visit the country clubs. They are content to be in charge of a second place, ineffectual party. I am not content to belong to a second place party.

They refuse to encourage more active, idealistic Republicans to become Precinct Committeemen.

They refuse to train and encourage the Precinct Committeemen to walk their precincts.

They refuse to encourage activist training, calling it “a waste”.

They want to go along to get along.

Rather than pressing our advantage with the conservative wave sweeping the nation, too many cower in fear.

In the past, I have always opposed efforts to elect our State Central Committee members by popular vote, preferring those votes take place among Precinct Committeemen — people whom I was sure were Republicans.

But the evidence is too clear: the Illinois Republican Party is run as a self-perpetuating club for the members of the Central Committee. That must change.

It is also not entirely clear to me that all Precinct Committeemen and Ward Committeemen are fully loyal to the Party.

I now support the direct election of the State Central Committee by the Republican voters in each Congressional District.

Loren E. Heal
Precinct Committeeman, Neoga-1, Cumberland County, IL
2012 Republican National Convention Delegate, IL-15

To My Fellow Platform and Resolutions Committee Members:

I would like to ask for your support of the attached Resolution. Like many of you, I have been involved in the Republican Party for many years (24 years in my case), and during that time I have watched Illinois go from Red to Blue.

I took on the established Party years ago here in McLean County, and ran for GOP County Chairman in the first contested race in 28 years. The established players were furious and they tried to tell me these party offices were always “worked out” in private meetings. I challenged the status-quo, and got right to work drafting and adopting a Constitution and By-Laws. With the help of four attorneys working on the language, we produced and passed organizational documents that other county parties utilize today as a template for their own By-Laws.

Today McLean is one of the few counties where most (but not all) of our Precinct Committeeman positions are filled. One year we had 27 contested races for Precinct Committeeman. We hold an Executive Committee meeting each month, as well as a monthly Breakfast or Luncheon – something I started 20 years ago. Before that time, only the Chairman and a few elected folks got together for coffee. Today we typically have 60 to 100 people turn out for our monthly events.

We see healthy energy every election cycle with contested primaries for countywide offices a common occurrence, and sometimes for the State Representative and State Senate races too. Our Party holds a Super Majority on our McLean County Board, and all of our countywide offices are currently held by Republicans.

I share all of this because we have opened up the County Party to competition – and it has been a good thing for our Party and the voters. And I say that as someone who has been challenged twice for my own Precinct Committeeman position over the years. I’m grateful to my fellow Republican voters who allowed me to prevail both times, by margins of 70/30 and 60/40.  Another time I was not as fortunate when I lost my bid for reelection as County Chairman. However, I stayed on to serve as the best lieutenant I could be to the new Chairman. Later I ran again for County Chairman and won that time in an uncontested race.

We make our Party stronger by opening up the process and encouraging more participation. We need real and open elections to once again allow all Republican voters to choose who they want to lead their State Central Committee. The top officials of our State Party should be accountable to the Republicans they serve. Maybe some of the incumbents don’t want to work that hard, and so would prefer retaining the current system. Well I say the persons entrusted with the privilege of leading our Grand Old Party at the state level should have to go out and constantly earn the support of their fellow Republicans. I believe that by once again directly electing our top officials, we will see a revival of excitement within our Party statewide.

We have talked about this reform for years. We’ve had our current system for 24 years and it’s just not working. The State Central Committee is unaccountable to Republican voters and the result has predictably been one disappointment after another.

The time for real change is now. I believe it takes real leadership to make positive change within our Party. Our Platform and Resolutions Committee can provide that leadership. Standing together we can make history this weekend and provide a lasting legacy, a better Illinois Republican Party for our children and grandchildren.

You and I have been fighting to build a better Party and a better Illinois. Will you also join me in helping to lead the charge for positive change? Republican voters and volunteers are counting on us. Let’s be leaders on reform by taking this Resolution to the floor of the Convention and working for its passage.

Tuesday night we witnessed the people of Wisconsin standing up and demonstrating how the power of the vote can be utilized for tremendous good. Can we Republicans of Illinois not rise to the same challenge?

Four years ago I was asked not to support restoring direct elections. I told the County Chairman’s Committee at the time that we needed real change, but I went along with delaying the reform because I listened to the promises that things would get better. Four years later, things are not better.

To paraphrase the great Ronald Reagan, you and I have a rendezvous with destiny. Will you join me in giving every Republican voter back their vote and their voice in the Illinois Republican Party?

My regards,

John W. Parrott, Jr.

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The Right Response to Swatters

  1. There is a new tactic in use by the left called “swatting” that we on the right will find abhorrent. While the activity involves local law enforcement and the politics of personal destruction, we must realize that the effort is coordinated across state lines and violates federal law. But mostly, while sometimes it is wise and effective for us to use the left’s tactics against them, this is not one of those times. 

    This is a new front in the war between the new conservative media and the Democrat Media Coplex. We must carefully plan our response and execute it vigorously.

    Swatting is the practice of generating a phony 9-1-1 call that spoofs a victim’s telephone number (impersonating the victim) and draws a SWAT team typically expecting to find a crime scene at the their residence.

  2. EWErickson
    Sheriff is at my house. Someone spoofed my phone number and said someone had been shot at my house.
  3. EWErickson
    We’re ok. After I starting writing about #BrettKimberlin I informed the local sheriff’s office to expect this to happen.
  4. I don’t recommend all conservatives call their local sheriff and tell them to expect a swatting. That’s another way for the leftists to throw a wrench into the system.
  5. lheal
    Copycat, or one of the #BrettKemberlin clown posse? @ewerickson RT @BenHowe: Dude. Seriously. #War
  6. It actually makes no difference. A scheme like that, with that victim, means the attack comes from Erickson’s ideological enemies. Whether the attack is a childish reaction to Erickson’s stance against the Kimberlin evil or merely some local opponent taking advantage of the situation to hassle Erickson, the attack comes from the left.

    Neil Stephens points out the basic flaw in the law enforcement system:

  7. Phone number spoofing has been around for years. There are readily available smartphone apps. The combination of phone number spoofing and abuse of the 9-1-1 system to report a crime was inevitable.  The lack of secure authentication in the evolving telephone system and global access to a resource — the 9-1-1 response to crime — guarantees that someone will abuse the system.

    And as usual, the leftists abuse the social contract. But it’s doubtful that wiser heads will realize that the problem is a security flaw and react to it as they would an exploited flaw in any other system. The ideological left likes it enough when conservatives are attacked that they don’t care about the compromise to the system as a whole.
    J. Christian Adams weighs in: 

  8. ElectionLawCtr
    ALL web energy over #swatting should be directed at #doj or USAttorney opening 18 USC 241 and wire crime investigations. All else is waste .
  9.  This despicable practice steals from all of us.  Though conservatives and traditionalists are repulsed by, or at least not drawn to such activities, we may be tempted to exact revenge or simply to fight fire with fire. 
    This is not a time to fight fire with fire. In literal terms, fire can be fought with fire because doing so uses up the resources that make the fire dangerous. Figuratively, then, it’s best to use the tactics being used against you when that limits in some way your opponent’s ability to use those tactics. That is not the case here.  
  10. This is part of the war between the new conservative media and the Democrat Media Coplex.   
  11. lheal
    If anyone on our side is tempted to engage in swatting as retribution for #BrettKimberlin, just don’t. You will be the entire story.
  12. The pattern with the Democrat Media Complex is clear. When there is a story of leftists behaving badly, such as with Occupy Wall Street, they ignore that part the story. If it’s a conservative, on the other hand, they publicize the misdeeds and tie all conservatives to that individual.

    Furthermore, if both a leftist and a conservative do the same illegal thing, the DMC will always find that the conservative is doing it more, that the conservative’s crimes are worse, and that the conservative has a greater responsibility because conservatives claim to want to do what is right.
    So if some conservative engages in swatting, it will be reported in a vacuum as if it were a conservative’s idea.
  13. lheal
    The Media would cover the swatting story and #BrettKimberlin in a heartbeat if they could say both sides do it. So don’t.
  14. But that’s not fair, is it?
  15. lheal
    No, it isn’t fair that the leftist slime get to break the law and we can’t. That’s the gig. Own it.
  16. Part of being the adult in the room is behaving well in the face of childishness.
  17. dereliqumybalz
    @lheal That’s all part of being a conservative, really. We are the adults. God knows, someone has to see reason, not just emotion.
  18. Conservatives generally support an individual right to keep and bear arms, and know that an armed individual citizen protecting himself is faster than any “first responder”. But we want our government to protect the upright against the wicked. Abusing the trust of law enforcement with false 9-1-1 calls flies in the face of all of that. As @Pablo4200 put it:
  19. Pablo4200
    No, swatting shows an utter disrespect for police and wastes taxpayer resources. It’s not civil or safe. Not a righty thing to do. @lheal
  20. Swatting is foolish and violates federal law. It is a new leftist tactic in the war between new media conservatives and the Democrat Media Complex. We must use every legal means to oppose it.
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Ted Cruz Gets Smeared: Dewhurst makes stuff up.

The US Senate campaign of Texas Lt Gov David Dewhurst doubled down Saturday on lies about his more conservative Republican opponent Ted Cruz.

Dewhurst is running a dishonest smear campaign, exploiting racial division and accusing Ted Cruz of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, when Cruz is clearly more conservative on immigration than is Dewhurst.

In the ad, called “Amnesty,” Dewhurst’s campaign implies that former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz supports granting amnesty to illegal immigrants due to Cruz having served as a board member for two Hispanic groups, the Hispanic Leadership Fund and the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute.

But according to The Texas Tribune, Cruz was never on the board of HLF. Neither group even supports amnesty. Dewhurst’s campaign doubled down on the ad’s clearly false claims, and accused Cruz of playing the victim.

A mistake is one thing, but to be confronted with the actual facts and then to continue insisting on your version of them indicates a profound disdain for the truth. We have enough deceitful scumbags in the Senate already. Don’t add another with David Dewhurst.

From the Tribune:

Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario Lopez said Ted Cruz has never held any leadership position with his group. Also, the group does not support amnesty, he said.

“If David Dewhurst wants to deceitfully lump us in with leftist organizations that actually do promote amnesty, then all he is accomplishing is demonstrating to Texas voters how intellectually shallow he is,” Perez said.

The Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute also does not support amnesty. From the group’s web site:

“The Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute (HAP Institute) is a proven conservative Hispanic organization that has been in the trenches pushing for conservative solutions to economic issues since 2004.  An attack on the HAP Institute for political gain by any candidate — or outside group supporting a candidate — is deplorable.

The HAP Institute does not support amnesty nor have we in the past.  We seek a productive dialogue from our leaders that will promote free market principles.”

Here is the relevant portion of Ted Cruz’ LinkdIn page.  Notice that Cruz lists himself as on the Advisory Board of the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperiy Institute, but clearly as an ordinary member of the Hispanic Leadership Fund. It’s possible that Lt Gov Dewhurst became confused because both groups have the word “Hispanic” in their names, and that word has more than two syllables:

Currently serve on the Board of Advisors of the Texas Review of Law & Politics and the Hispanic Alliance for Progress. Previously served as as a Director and Vice President of the Texas Lyceum, as a Pioneer for Bush-Cheney 2004, as National Co-Chair of Lawyers for McCain, and as Chairman of the School Choice and Education Reform Committee for the Federalist Society. Federalist Society, Bush-Cheney 2000, Maverick PAC, FTC Internet Task Force, Free Enterprise Education Center, APDA, Texas Lyceum.

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Brett Kimberlin’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

During the two years in which lying conman and convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin has been harassing friends of Andrew Breitbart, it’s surprising that what is about to happen to him hasn’t happened before. Kimberlin is about to discover that good people will fight his evil. Kimberlin won’t see it that way. Like all of his ilk, he truly believes he is the victim. Also, what Kimberlin planned for evil, God has turned to good.

It all seems to have started with a Mandy Nagy post about Brett Kimberlin’s phony charity, Velvet Revolution. The group sought to cause trouble for James O’Keefe III, using what would come to be their hallmark methods of legal intimidation, extortion, and personal destruction against any and all who oppose his tactics or support those who do.

Kimberlin, who is a lying conman and convicted domestic terrorist, has also spent the last several months harassing Los Angeles County Prosecutor Patrick Frey, who blogs as Patterico. Kimberlin and his associates Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert have waged war on Patterico, even staging a phony 9-1-1 call to draw a swat team to Frey’s house.

Some of Patterico’s commenters went  Looking at the Velvet Revolution and Justice Through Music Books for two of  Brett Kimberlin’s shady organizations:

Velvet Revolution’s tax returns from 2006, 2007, and 2008. We also have tax returns from Justice Through Music from 2003, 2005 (with Schedule A), 2006, 2007, and 2008. All are .pdfs.

Erick Erickson notes at Redstate that

Justice Through Music, which claims to do “voter education and registration” is a Tides Foundation grant recipient. According to Breitbart’s Big Journalism site, Justice Through Music “has received a total of over $1.3 million in public gifts and grants since 2005 for these efforts.” (See also the Justice Through Music Project 2008 Form 990-EZ)

Likewise, Velvet Revolution, started with Brad Friedman of BradBlog, received $51,000.00 in 2009 from the Tides Foundation, which also gave Media Matters for America $75,000.00 the same year.

Robert Stacy McCain, forced to move his family to flee the vicious harassment and threats posed by Brett Kimberlin and associates, says he is thankful. He now has a great chance to leave the socialist state of Maryland, presumably for a place without so much inept and overreaching government.

Follow their response to the day on twitter, if any, here.

Cross-posted at Redstate.

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