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Shafer: Have no regrets

I got this forwarded in a long email chain. Raz Shafer of the Madison Action Fund talks about what’s at stake for the nation and how to win the election.

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DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz May Lose Seat

Polling shows Republican Karen Harrington is poised to upset DNC Chair Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Schultz has only a 4.5-point lead on her opponent in Florida’s 23 Congressional District, with plenty of voters still undecided. The poll surveyed 385 potential … Continue reading

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Endorsing Sharee Langenstein for Jackson County State’s Attorney

Sharee Langenstein is on the ballot for Jackson County State’s Attorney, having personally taken on the partisan Democrat operatives in Jackson County and its Board of Elections. The Board had tried to keep her off the ballot because her petitions … Continue reading

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Cruz Surging in Texas US Senate Race

Conservative Ted Cruz is surging in the polls over establishment Republican David H. Dewhurst in the runoff race for the Texas  nomination for US Senate. Public Policy Polling has conducted independent polling in the race, finding Cruz well ahead of Dewhurst on … Continue reading

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Desperate Dewhurst in Despicable Exploitation of a Grieving Mother

With Ted Cruz leading David Dewhurst in the polling for the runoff for the Republican nomination US Senator from Texas, desperate former Dewhurst staffers see their dreams of federal gravy drying up. The result? The former Dewhurst staffers at the dishonestly … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Bests David Dewhurst in Debate for Texas US Senate Race #TXSen

Texas US Senate candidates Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst met in Austin for a debate June 23. The two have met in a few debates now, after Dewhurst reluctantly agreed to it. A pattern has emerged in these meetings that … Continue reading

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Local Colorado Company Suggests Putting Fires Out With People

Seeing this reminded me of something: @michellemalkin have you gotten (or had time to notice) any hate tweets cheering the fire on because you are there? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Google Share on … Continue reading

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Call to DoJ Arizona Racism Hotline Recorded

Listen in. H/T @SooperMexican.

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Rick Santorum Endorses Liljenquist for Utah US Senate

Former Presidential candidate and Senator Rick Santorum has endorsed Dan Liljenquist over Orrin Hatch in the US Senate race in Utah. In a letter to supporters of his new organization Patriot Voices, Santorum said he was prompted to make the … Continue reading

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And Another Thing, @TheJuanWilliams

Juan Williams made a few mistakes in his attempt to get the best of Michelle Malkin Wednesday night. Appearing on The Sean Hennitty Show, Williams showed the kind of offhand, inadvertent arrogance we’ve come to expect from the Entitled Media. You … Continue reading

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