Desperate Dewhurst in Despicable Exploitation of a Grieving Mother

With Ted Cruz leading David Dewhurst in the polling for the runoff for the Republican nomination US Senator from Texas, desperate former Dewhurst staffers see their dreams of federal gravy drying up.

The result? The former Dewhurst staffers at the dishonestly named Texas Conservatives Fund superPAC have released an ad — currently playing in the Dallas / Fort Worth media market and probably across the state — implying that Ted Cruz is responsible for the suicide of a teenager.

As is can be expected of a Dewhurst ad, it splices up devastated mother Sandy Fonzo’s emotional statement and twists it to suit their own dark purposes:

This ad is deceptive on a number of levels. The main way it deceives is by implying that Cruz was defending the corrupt judges in their criminal case. He wasn’t defending the judges, and this wasn’t the criminal case.

While Fonzo herself may have been unaware that Cruz was not arguing that kids like her son were not victims in the original case, the soulless Dewhurst campaign knew it full well.

Cruz came in after guilt had already been established in another case. Cruz’ task was to get an insurance company to pay the lawyers representing her son’s interests. 

Corrupt judges put my son in a for-profit juvenile detention center…


…to make millions of dollars.


Ted Cruz says that his client should not have to pay, that the IRS was the victim, and not the kids here.


My son came out of there


… and took a gun and shot himself in the heart.


My son’s life was worth $500.


Ted Cruz should be ashamed of himself. I don’t know how he could sleep at night.

In any case, this was all long after Fonzo’s son took his own life. Even if Cruz’ client could be blamed for the child’s death, there is no way Cruz, lacking a time machine, could have been involved.

But Dewhurst, desperate to win at any cost, happily exploits the mother’s emotional devastation to further his own political career.

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